Paul Wright, MBA, ACC

The Common Good Coach

Specializing in helping individuals and groups grow in leadership and create value for the common good

Become Your Best And Lead With Confidence

We engage entrepreneurs and leaders in a proven coaching system designed for your transformation and growth.

You’ll experience the power of using a professional coach to support you as you take actions towards your goals, which leads to better business or team performance.

Who we work with

  • Leaders within organizations who may be new in their role, transitioning their role, or close to burn-out and want to be their best
  • Program officers within Entrepreneur Support Organizations who sponsor technical assistance for their members or clients
  • Entrepreneurs and businesses owners who want to start, pivot or scale their business

What you will gain

  • Clarity of vision, values and purpose
  • Greater self awareness of your high performance patterns
  • More confidence in stepping up or addressing difficult situations
  • A better decision-making process based on values
  • Easier adaptability to change and openness to growth
  • Healthier mindsets and avoidance of dysfunctional patterns

What to Expect

Book a discovery call

Schedule a 45-minute complimentary call with Paul. You’ll immediately get a confirmation email with a short welcome video and instructions about our Discovery Call.

Prepare for our call

You will receive a 5-minute prep worksheet to complete which will help you focus on a topic and share a few things before our discovery call. Based on your answers, Paul will prepare resources for you and give you 7-day access to our coaching platform.

Explore the platform

During your 7-day access, you can check out our coaching platform which contains some of the proven systems we use with our clients. Don't be shy! We want you to have a taste of what your coaching engagement will look like.

Engage and experience a coaching session

When you come ready for our Discovery Call, you’ll get a chance to experience being coached on your topic, be able to ask questions and understand which coaching options might be a fit.

Make a decision

There is no pressure, no hard sales tactics. We both should feel comfortable and see a fit for a coaching relationship and outcomes. We can get started right away or we can co-design a 3-Day Challenge to help you take some first steps, track your progress, and get support through the coaching platform.

Coaching Packages

Leadership Coaching

High Performance Coaching

This package helps you identify your best-self patterns, how to leverage your strengths and avoid patterns that don’t get your best results. We start with an HPP assessment activity and then focus what you’ve learned about yourself on a specific opportunity or challenge.

Change and Transition Coaching

A series of preset coaching topics that help you understand how you respond to change and develop the mindsets and practices to redeem change into a season of transformation.

Business Coaching

Pivot Forward Coaching

A 4-week Challenge to create new thinking, habits and behavior that helps you get on track for different results in your business. You’ll clarify your unique vision and goals and take first steps to gain momentum each week. By the fourth week you'll have more confidence because you're already in motion towards your goals and seeing advancement and early results.

Business Model Coaching

Based on lean startup principles and incorporates your personal values and purpose into your model. It’s a 6-week sprint using tools that help you do customer discovery, define your value proposition as well as clarify the purpose that will fuel your startup journey. Paul coaches you each step of the way to sketch out your own business model.

Perfect Pitch Coaching

This package helps you become pitch-ready to raise capital. It starts with a 30-day sprint to improve your current pitch. You’ll get 5 specific recommendations and 5 prospective capital providers for outreach. Practice with Paul so that you are more confident to pitch. Then shift into high gear over a 60 day (bi-weekly) coaching sessions when your doing follow-up, negotiations and due diligence with potential investors. The full-package comes with a money back guarantee.

Group Coaching

Affinity Group Coaching

A customized package for teams within the same organization or members of the same organization. They have a shared affinity of working in the same industry, using the same technology or practices. Paul facilitates sharing of best practices, tools and templates that can be shared on the WVS Coaching platform. Some past groups included: Train-the-Trainers, Recovery-Friendly Employers, Rural Development Practitioners.


Coaching is a big buzzword these days, and it seems like everyone calls themselves a coach lately. Here is some insight into the type of coach Paul is, what his credentials are, and a little bit about the services we offer. If you have any other questions, please reach out on our contact page!

Q: What exactly is coaching? Is it like counseling or therapy?

No, coaching is not either of those. Coaching is forward-thinking and action-oriented. While Paul may help you explore any limiting mindsets and beliefs from your past, he will focus you more on the new mindsets, beliefs, and actions that will help you moving forward.

Q: What type of coaching is this?

Paul is trained in the Core Competencies that apply for any professional coaching, both “life coaching” as well as “executive coaching.” However, Paul’s specialty is helping entrepreneurs, business owners and non-profit program officers since he has over 20-years experience in these roles. Therefore, he prefers to call himself a Business Coach or Leadership Coach.

Q: What will our coaching sessions be like?

Paul takes a holistic approach to coaching. So this means that you’ll need to be willing to bring your full self (mind, body, spirit) as a resource and be responsible for your own growth.

Q: Do I have to fit into one of your coaching package topics?

No, you don't have to! You can bring a unique topic to each session or we can design a package together to meet your specific situation. Some people like to have a defined topic with set goals and deadlines, and others prefer to have regular sessions to work on whatever is concerning them at that given time.

Q: Do you have any credentials? Is that important?

Paul is certified by the International Coaching Federation. Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Credential-holders are trained (60+ hours) and experienced (100+ hours) coaches. They have demonstrated knowledge and emerging proficiency in the application of the ICF Core Competencies, Code of Ethics, and definition of coaching. Earners show a commitment to high ethical standards and have demonstrated, through rigorous assessment, professional competence in their work with clients. The ACC must be renewed every three years.

How to Get Started

A Discovery Call is just like it sounds--an opportunity to discover if we will make a good match and if our values and intentions are aligned.  You’ll see which coaching options can fit with your budget and needs.