Too often our understanding of our customers is insufficient. We think we know what they want, so when we design products and services to meet their needs and solve their

Diving Deeper into Customer Exploration

Today, we will delve into the heart of social innovation with my reinterpretation of Doblin’s ten areas of innovation for social innovators and entrepreneurs. Let’s explore the foundation of how we create

Innovating for Impact

As you may recall in previous articles, I’ve drawn upon superhero traits and storylines to inspire the roles and skills we often need for community economic development. In my recent

WandaVision in Rural Development

Last month, we described what an ecosystem is and how they can help build the pipeline of talent for entrepreneurship and support new businesses in a region or community. This

Building an effective ESHIP Ecosystem (Part Two)

Over the past twenty five years, economic developers have begun applying a complex systems approach to spur more entrepreneurial activity in a city or region. In this article, the first

ESHIP Ecosystems (Part One)