Why is it that deep down inside humans crave predictability?

Predictability and consistency make a good environment for children to thrive. But as they mature, and variety and novelty rule the day, teenagers get “bored.” Then as adults, we learn to find a good balance between predictability and novelty to stay sane and thrive in all areas of life.

So as business owners or entrepreneurs, why can’t we find a balance too?

COVID has taken away our perception that we can control and predict our day, months, or future plans. But even before COVID, could we really control all the things in our lives? Not really. We could perhaps only manage them and make more informed decisions based upon beliefs about ourselves, our customers, and our world.

COVID has changed a lot, especially in how we perceive our future.

So, let’s talk about ways that we can get stuck in life and business.

Let me share a bit of my story during COVID and some resources that have helped me and other business owners. I’m fortunate that I’ve not yet gotten COVID, and I realize so many people have suffered and are not as fortunate to be able to work from home.

What does being “stuck” look like for you?

A clue for me is what’s going on in my thought life. What I’m dwelling on, consuming, and feeling. If these are negative thoughts and feelings, I have to be self-aware enough to check them. Why?

Because our inner world shows up in our outer world so easily. Our habits, behaviors, and interactions with others are linked to our mindsets and beliefs.

When I’m not paying attention and have a negative inner world, I can become irritable, distracted, and not able to get things done that are important to me and my business. Have you been there?

Perhaps, being stuck means something different for you, but I would guess that it results in feeling disempowered, depressed, and feeling disqualified. Not a good place, right?

Getting “un-stuck” starts in the light.

A favorite quote of mine is “Light is sweet, and it is pleasant for the eyes to see the sun.” (Ecl 11:7)

I start by going for a walk on a sunny day to let the light shine in, to absorb some vitamin D, and meditate to sort through how I may be stuck. It’s a start…move from a dark place into the light.

But I typically also need to share what I’m thinking and sorting through with someone I trust–a friend, counselor, or coach. This might result in me creating a commitment to change my thinking and link it to action. Eventually, I get un-stuck.

The tipping point for me seems to be when I’ve (1) named this mindset or belief, (2) designed ways to manage it, and (3) start thinking about new opportunities based on my goals and values. It seems to work every time. I stay close to the things I can change and be less concerned with things I can’t control or make “predictable” in my life.

Please note, I realize this simple formula may not work for everyone and if you are struggling with depression you should seek professional counselors…which I am not.

Move Forward Resources

So if you feel “stuck” and want to move forward, I encourage you to take a walk in the light.

  1. Where do you feel “stuck” and how is the showing up in your life and business?
  2. What are the values, visions, or commitments that provide your guidance?
  3. Who can you trust to reach out to and talk with to get “un-stuck?”

Here a just a few resources that may help you move forward:

10 Online Support Groups for Anyone Struggling to Get Through 2020 by Anna Borges. Here is a curated list of online resources that can help you connect with others. Now is a great time to connect to niche communities online with others.

How to Create Your Ultimate Mastermind Team by Liz Seda & Scott Dinsmore. This is a free resource that shows you how to create your own Mastermind group. I’m a part of a Mastermind and have clients in niche industries that have found great value in a volunteer or paid group.

Disaster & Economic Recovery resources and how-to guides on SBA’s new website.

My wife has been part of a group that she loves for faith-based business owners. It’s called The Forge and you can learn more about it here.

And (shameless promotion), Having coached professionals in hundreds of hours of 1:1 sessions, I’ve learned they want more self-awareness and help with changing their mindsets, habits, and reaching goals. Book a free Explore Coaching Call by clicking here.

*Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

About the Author Paul Wright

Paul Wright is the founder of WVS Courses and Coaching, and is passionate about helping entrepreneurs launch and grow new enterprises. He especially enjoys working with social innovators who create a greater good in the world with their businesses.

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