Our last article, Finding Purpose in Work, helped facilitate a self-evaluation of your work and fellow workers, offering resources and inspiration from healthcare workers.

My goal is to help you make connections and be intentional in choosing your purpose in the work you do.

We’ve seen health care providers working tirelessly during the pandemic. They are our heroes. They have labored to keep our friends, families, and communities healthy amidst the pandemic. Many are burned out and at their wit’s end. Many more have shown us what real commitment to serving the common good with their profession looks like.

We have much to learn as entrepreneurs and intentional leaders from our healthcare professionals. Here are a few of my favorite resources as inspiration:

Ken Jones is a CMDA Coach helping those in the healthcare profession prevent burnout and reach excellence in their profession. In his blog, A Word About…Choices, Ken introduces a process and mindset that he uses to help physicians make big career decisions. I think we can all learn something from his coaching process.

At the CCHF Conference 2021, Pastor Francis Chan encouraged medical providers, many of whom have been in survival mode to “serve where they are called” without losing their love for the work.

His core message is that we are called to a greater purpose in the world and rest assured that we can do it by God’s grace. If you need a good message on your purpose at work and in life, watch this!

Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur’s Podcast 333: Bridging Science and Scripture through a Healing Marketplace Ministry offers an inspiring conversation with Dr. Darlene Mayo, a former neurosurgeon who felt called to leave a high-paying job to put her faith in action in a new holistic way serving others.

My big takeaway is how our limiting beliefs and mindsets about our identity can hold us back from our full potential and purpose to serve the common and greater good.

I hope that these resources are an encouragement to you and inspire you to lead with purpose (or pass it on to your healthcare professional friends).

What resources inspire you?

About the Author Paul Wright

Paul Wright is the founder of WVS Courses and Coaching, and is passionate about helping entrepreneurs launch and grow new enterprises. He especially enjoys working with social innovators who create a greater good in the world with their businesses.

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