When I was 5 years old, my cousin and I “ran away from home” so we could go on an adventure and see the world.

We found a map to chart out our journey, (never mind that the map was not for our town), but thankfully, our parents only let us get a few blocks away from home.

It reminds me of the Dr. Seuss book, Oh The Places You’ll Go, with the meaningful message about the importance of seizing new opportunities, keeping an open-mind, and trying new things.

Do you know what your compass is that guides you?

As a business coach (who just earned my ACC certification from International Coaching Federation last week!), I have discovered the importance of asking my clients to explain how their personal vision and business purpose relate. This is always a very productive awareness building topic.

Here’s how a personal vision can help you along your journey in business and life.

A personal vision:

  • Serves as a compass for an entrepreneur’s decisions
  • It incorporates not only professional goals, but also lifestyle priorities and financial needs.
  • Will help remind you that your business is a part of a bigger life plan, rather than an end in itself.
  • It will also help you examine and adjust your business idea to meet your personal, financial, and professional goals.

For example, you may need a personal income of at least $75,000 from the business to cover your existing needs. This can’t be compromised. But you may also have other goals, such as the desire to travel. The sweet spot would be to find a model that allow you to both.

Here are a few resources that will help you with your Personal Vision:

​​#1 How to Create a Vision and Model For Your Business by Petra Mayer who is a Co-Active Coach.

I benefited from my coach who helped me clarify my own personal and business mission:

I coach mission-driven entrepreneurs to launch and scale sustainable enterprises that create good in our world.
#2 Download our Pre-Flight Checklist #2: Your Personal Vision.

This is a tool we use in our Launch8 entrepreneurship course (our next cohort begins January 28th).

#3 A personal vision in action example: Redeeming Eden Coast-to-Coast Cycle Tour.

Watch Adam Linberry in his YouTube video-blog adventures riding across the US on the TransAmerica Route. He has combined his love of outdoor adventure with his passion to help people in their addiction. I got to share a meal with Adam when he came through Berea, KY and I recommend you consider supporting Adam’s cause.

#4 If you identify as a social enterprise or community benefit corporation you may want to check out Crafting Your Mission Statement worksheet provided free from Social Enterprise Institute.

*Photo by Nathan Lemon on Unsplash

About the Author Paul Wright

Paul Wright is the founder of WVS Courses and Coaching, and is passionate about helping entrepreneurs launch and grow new enterprises. He especially enjoys working with social innovators who create a greater good in the world with their businesses.

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