Have you ever received a marketing message that seemed like they know exactly what your needs or problems are (like they could read your mind)?

Has your social media feed ever displayed advertisements for a product or service you just mentioned recently?

Micro-targeting market segments is an art and a science that often relies on data collected from your internet browser activity (thanks, Google). This type of marketing is typically B2C (business to consumer) and can be very effective for product or service marketing.

What about B2B (business to business) marketing?

Let’s dive into a tried and true method to get your business to business marketing message right.

A non-technical approach starts with being clear about your customer profile and buying pathways for companies in your target audience .

It’s likely that multiple parties will be involved, from the user of your product or service to the buyer, decision maker and even influencers, so the size of the market segment is really important. If you are selling primarily to businesses with less than 50 employees, a buyer/decision maker is likely to be your primary target for messaging. Whereas, if you are selling to a Fortune 500 company, you are likely to have multiple roles and need to get really clear on the best pathway or entry point for targeted messaging.

Defining the problem first is still a necessity in the marketing message. However, there is the business problem and then there’s the human problem. A business problem typically is at the company level and has an impact on profitability or productivity. Whereas, a human problem is what people experience as a result of the business problem not being addressed.

When writing your marketing message keep in mind the two-fold test of communicating business and human problems that your product or service has a solution for.

If you’ve participated in my Business Model Design session, you would have spent time doing Customer Discovery and developed a buyer persona. These tools and techniques help you craft your marketing message to your target audience.

Here are few tools of resources you might access now to help your with you micro-targeting messaging:

Hubspot’s Buyer Persona Tool

Don’t Skip Customer Discovery

Book a free Discovery Call with me to explore your marketing message.

Does your marketing message account for the business problem AND the human problem?

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