Too often our understanding of our customers is insufficient. We think we know what they

Diving Deeper into Customer Exploration

Today, we will delve into the heart of social innovation with my reinterpretation of Doblin’s ten

Innovating for Impact

Have you ever received a marketing message that seemed like they know exactly what your

What’s Targeted Messaging?

What are you learning this year? As we begin the new year and make resolutions

Always Learning and Teaching

Why is it that deep down inside humans crave predictability? Predictability and consistency make a

Getting unstuck to move forward

You can be creative. Don’t let the myths of creativity hold you back. You don’t

What Ted Lasso taught me about creativity

This last holiday weekend, I decided to clean out the closet where we store holiday

Books that influenced my thinking about social innovation

In 2011, I took an executive job in rural Appalachia Kentucky, an area of the

Lessons learned in a Startup Community

In October, I participated in a marathon of virtual summits including 4 days at the Social

Social Enterprise World Forum 2020

When I was 5 years old, my cousin and I “ran away from home” so

What’s in a Personal Vision